hvb HiPack Hybrid Packaging System

Rational packaging - attractive presentation - sorted disposal

Finally, cardboard trays can be closed simply and securely time and time again. With the hvb HiPack Hybrid Packaging system, a new type of sealing construction ensures a solid and compact connection between the cardboard tray and the R-PET lid. The closure construction is unique in this form.

The combination of cardboard tray and R-PET lid is thus a sustainable alternative for products that are usually packaged entirely in plastic: To-go products such as salads, sushi, hot ready meals, delicate fruits such as berries, cut fruits and fruit salads, patisserie products such as chocolates and pastries and many others. Special constructions are possible.

With hvb HiPack, the proportion of renewable packaging materials is higher and it is easier to separate the tray and the lid by type.

Versatile packaging system

In addition, hvb HiPack offers a variety of formats, filling volumes and material combinations. Adaptation to different products and requirements is easy. The lid is currently available with clamping dimensions of 170 mm x 124 mm and 154 mm x 108 mm. 

Other formats are available on demand. 

The height of the lid is variable per clamping dimension. Deepened, flat or high versions as well as different designs are possible.

Advantages of the hvb HiPack hybrid packaging system


  • The lids are stackable and easy to unstack. 

  • They have a latching system that secures the closure and guarantees a relatively high load-bearing capacity. 

  • They have clamping grooves which are provided with clamping knobs. This gives the unit stability. 

  • They have two grip tabs on the short side as an opening aid.

  • If required, the lids can also be provided with a flat surface without stacking knobs. 

  • If required, the lids can be provided with a Euro hole. 

  • Simplified handling for packers and consumers. 

  • Absolute product protection and transport safety, especially for consumers.


  • The tray dimension is congruent with the clamping dimension of the lid. 

  • The height of the base can be different for each clamping dimension. 

  • The bases can also be provided with ventilation openings. 

  • Individual printing options inside and outside. 

  • Various cardboard qualities are possible: 

  • Different coating qualities or organic lacquering depending on application.

  • Moisture-resistant, liquid-tight, microwaveable or ovenproof.

Various lids

Lid 1

170 mm x 124 mm x 15 mm (B x L x H)

154 mm x 108 mm x 13 mm (B x L x H)

This lid is designed for voluminous products such as salads, to go, etc.

The lid has centred stacking knobs on the lid surface to ensure stacking in the retail shelf.

For further details see lid description “Advantages”

Lid 2

The lid with Euro hole (flat or high) was specially developed for products that are presented vertically, i.e. hanging. 

170 mm x 124 mm x 15 mm (B x L x H)

Various Lid Designs are possible

Various trays

170 mm x 124 mm (B x L)

154 mm x 108 mm (B x L)

Various Tray Designs are possible

Rational concept

In order to guarantee the customer the most perfect handling possible, the tray can be inserted into the lid after opening the packaging so that it is protected from loss and contamination. The consumer can thus hold the tray/lid unit in one hand while eating. To reseal the packaging system, the customer can simply put the clean lid back on the tray afterwards..

The lids and the conical cardboard trays can be stacked in a space-saving and logistics-conform way.

hvb HiPack is designed for manual as well as for semi-automatic or fully automatic packaging.